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What Materials Do We Use


We carefully select all materials used in the manufacture of your school signs to ensure they meet our own high standards for quality and durability. The following are the most popular materials that we use here at Signs Scott Ltd


11g (3mm) Aluminium Sheet

The preferred choice for larger post mounted church signs is 3mm aluminium sheet. Aluminium sheet comes in various sizes up to 3,000mm x 2000mm. The sheets are cut to shape and size on one of our state of the art CNC flatbed routers. Any size sign can be manufactured, usually in one piece we manufacture up to 2440 x 1220mm therafter we panel the signs to achieve larger formats. Aluminium is lightweight, strong, durable and will not rust or rot. The aluminium sheets co to us with an anodized face and a grey polyester coated paint finish to the reverse. The face can be coated from one of our standard range or 18 colours. Alternatively the sheets or individual sign panels can be coated to virtually any British Standard or RAL colour. Aluminium will give you many years or bright, vibrant signage.


Aluminium Composite Sheet (ACM)

In recent years Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) has become the preferred choice in many applications. Widely used in the UK Construction and Signmaking Industries. ACM is a tough, durable alternative to solid 3mm aluminium sheet. ACM is two sheets of aluminium which during the manufacturing process are bonded either side of a Polyethylene core. Once bonded it is virtually impossible to sererate the layers. ACM is ideal for either internal or external signage applications as it gives a durable yet lightweight alternative to aluminium. ACM can be vinyl laminated to one of our standard range of 18 vibrant colours. ACM has no scrap value and has recently been approved for use in the manufacture of road signage by the relevant highways agencies. Just like the majority of the materials we use ACM is recyclable at the end of its life.


aluminium composite panel colours


Vinyl Coating & Vinyl Signwriting / Graphic Logo's

The majority of our signs are vinyl coated. Vinyl coating is a process where the Aluminium or ACM sheet has the face laminated in a choice of one of our 18 standard vinyl colours. Once laminated the panel has a vibrant semi-gloss finish which is ready to accept vinyl signwriting, logo's or full colour printed graphics. We only use high quality self adhesive vinyl material with a minimum 7 year exterior life.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process similar to spray painting. Unlike spray painting instead of wet paints being used the sign panels or aluminium posts are covered with an electrically charged powder. The powder clings to the objects being powder coated and melts onto the surface when cured at high temperatures in an industrial oven. A tough, durable, coloured seal is then formed over any metal surface which has been powder coated and cured.


Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Again like ACM it is a composite material, It is comprised of two materials when when combined produces a tough, durable but lightweight signmaking material. The panels are produced using moulds which are available in a range of set shapes and sizes. The moulds have a raised edge thus producing the raised frame effect which is unique to GRP signs. The panel colour is achieved by using a pigmented gel coat which is applied to the sign blank and gives it a stylish gloss finish. The GRP panels themselves are guaranteed against UV colour fade for a period of 20 years.


440gm PVC Banner Material

Our full colour printed PVC banners are output directly on one of our Mimaki full colour large format solvent inkjet printers. All banners are printed full colour using UV based fade proof inks onto a white reinforced 440gm fire retardant PVC banner material. Our Banners are suitable for both interior and exterior applications and have a minimum 3 year exterior life.


Protective Face Film (PFF)

Protective Face Film (PFF) is also known as Anti-Graffiti Face Film. PFF is a 50 micron optically clear material that is laminated to the finished face of your sign at the end of the manufacturing process. PFF helps protect your signs against spray paints, marker pens, felt tipped pens, airborne salt and chemicals, everyday dirt and road grime. Although no sign is "Vandal Proof" PFF helps to protect your signs and keep them looking good as the day it left our factory.


Mimaki Eco Solvent Inks

We use Mimaki Eco Friendly solvent inks which produce a stunning colour yield onto a range of uncoated materials. Mimaki inks are very easy to use and are almost odorless. Mimaki inks are used to produce vibrant, full colour prints directly to self adhesive vinyls or banner materials for long term interior or exterior signage.